Monday, 20 February 2012

Parker Vacumatic 1938

Parker Vacumatic - First Generation Fountain Pen in Golden Pearl

Sold -  Restored and fully serviced. A Parker Vacumatic (slender), made in Canada 1938. Transparent Golden Pearl Laminate. Twin jewel.

Parker Vacumatic  (vacuum filler) first appeared in the early 1930's. Having a patented concept of rubber diaphragm with a spring loaded piston mounted above, which when depressed stretched the diaphragm into the barrel, forcing air out through a breather tube. When plunger was released the diaphragm returned to it's original position, creating a vacuum which drew ink into the barrel. There were three generations of filler mechanism; locking, speed line and plastic. The popularity of the 'vac' filling system lasted up until 1947.

This pen is a first generation Vacumatic with 'lockdown' aluminium and brass bulb filler button and short blind cap. Golden arrow styled clip and triple narrow cap bands. Twin jewels colour matched to body. The 8. marking alongside makers impression on barrel, combined with nib markings suggest manufacture in the 3rd quarter of 1938 in. Pen measures  4.7 inches (12.2 cms) long, cap on. Full inscription reads 'MADE IN CANADA - PARKER VACUMATIC - REG.T.M.S - PAT. NO. 318982 - 8.'

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Vintage Fountain Pens for Sale

Conway Stewart 'Dinkie' 550 Fountain Pen  - c.1951

Sold   Restored and Fully serviced

The Conway Stewart Dinkie, advertised as the "smallest practical fountain pen ever made" was launched in 1922. The 550 range was was made in London and introduced in 1951.

Pen is light and dark green marbled with black veins.  It has contrasting gold fill trim, made up of single cap band, clip having classic diamond shaped tip and crisp Conway Stewart logo impression to clip top. A gold filled raised jewel secures the clip tassie. Gold filled lever clip , again with C.S. logo.

The barrel imprint reads "DINKIE" - Conway Stewart London - No 550. 'Made in England, is also impressed around circumference of barrel end. Pen has it's original C.S. medium nib. Smooth cap to barrel threads  and positive crisp lever action. The Dinkie 550 measures 5.0 inches with cap on, 4.9 inches with the cap posted on barrel end, cap diameter at widest point 4.2 inches. The pen is in overall excellent condition with no visible signs of age wear. 

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vintage Fountain Pen for Sale

Watermans W3 Fountain Pen.

Offered fully restored and serviced. Sold

This Waterman lever filling fountain pen was made in England, probably at the Falcon Pen Works in Neasden, around 1946 shortly after Waterman commenced manufacture there in the U.K.

It has a classic gloss black finish with a contrasting gold fill trim. The barrel imprint reads “Waterman’s Made in England W3”. It has a Waterman 14kt.W3 medium nib. The cap has one thick gold fill band and the original Waterman clip. The pen overall is in excellent condition and the nib is very pleasing to use. It measures 12.8cm with cap on and 15.7cm with cap on barrel end.