Monday, 4 June 2012

Montblanc Monte Rosa

Stunning example of early 1950's Montblanc Monte Rosa 142-G piston filling fountain pen.

The Montblanc Monte Rosa fountain pen is a piston-filler fountain pen that was released by the company from the 1950s. The Monte Rosa line of pens were created to offer a well-made Montblanc fountain pen at an inexpensive price while not diluting the value of the Montblanc name. These pens are commonly referred to as “junior” or “student” fountain pens.

The Monte Rosa is identical is size and shape to the 342 pens that were manufactured during the same time. The Monte Rosa name is engraved on the nib and band of the pen and these markings are much more obvious than the Montblanc name.

Monte Rosa fountain pens were available either with a steel nib or a solid gold nib and most were made in Montblanc’s black resin.

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