Monday, 23 July 2012

Rare Dunhill Fountain Pen

1980's Dunhill Gemline Fountain Pen in Gold Pinstripe Guillochee made by Montblanc.

Offered for Sale - Fully Serviced

Historically interesting fountain pen made for Dunhill by Montblanc. It was in the early1980's that the privately owned Montblanc company was sold to the Alfred Dunhill group. Montblanc then started to produce Dunhill pens.

This pen has many similarities to the Montblanc Noblesse range of this period, none more so than the beautifully crafted 14ct gold nib.
Pen Description

German made Alfred Dunhill gold plated (Pinstripe Guillochee) slimline fountain pen with cartridge or cartridge convertor filling system. Gold 14ct- 585 firm medium nib, inscribed with Dunhill logo.

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