Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fountain Pen Inks

Any ink designed for fountain pens is safe for use in your vintage or classic pen, but some inks contain more dye than others. Some inks, especially the very highly saturated “boutique” brands, may contain so much dye that the water cannot hold all of the dye in solution; in these inks, dye can actually come out of solution and fall to the bottom of the bottle as solid material. Inks that do this in the bottle can also do it in your pen, and the result will be a clog.

Diamine Fountain Pen Ink

Hepworth Dixon recommend the use of Diamine fountain pen inks.

Diamine 80ml Bottle
Diamine have been making ink since 1864 and are one of the last remaining manufacturers in the UK. In 1925 the company created a state-of-the-art production facility in Liverpool, and despite several changes of ownership, they have remained in the same area ever since. Throughout, the Diamine trade mark and the traditional production methods have survived and now in the 21st century their fountain pen ink remains the first choice of many pen connoisseurs. 

Diamine ink is a water-based ink perfect for any brand of vintage, classic or modern fountain pen. It is completely non-toxic and offers probably the widest range of quality fountain pen ink colours in the world - in both traditional and contemporary shades. 

By adding a secret ingredient to de-stress the surface, Diamine achieves vibrant colour with free flow that glides on the paper surface, and which will not clog your pen.

Hepworth Dixon Ink Colours 

With over 125 ink colours to choose from, Hepworth Dixon hold stock of the twelve most popular colours.

Visit to view accurate colour swatches of available inks.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Classic Fountain Pens - Visconti Opera Club

Italian pen manufacturer Visconti was founded in 1988. Their products represented the rediscovery and relaunch of celluloid as a material for fountain pens.

Visconti is well known for its mastery and skills to produce high quality writing instruments. Based on the “Squaring of the Circle” design the Opera Club offers something unique,  a translucent model that is hand carved from a block of luxurious celluloid, laminated in layers to great effect.

Recently acquired by Hepworth Dixon, fully serviced and pictured below. The Visconti Opera Club in Honey Almond.

Visconti Opera Club in Honey Almond

This beautiful Visconti Opera Club fountain pen, produced in c.2007, is in near mint condition. Each writing instrument in Opera collection is squared with rounded corners. Hand-turned from celluloid materials and accented by a unique cap band and spring loaded clip, the four-faceted celluloid cap and barrel are a beautiful cream and gold in color -- Visconti's Honey Almond. All trim is gold plated. 

The pen's cap bears Visconti's wide cap band engraved with the model name: OPERA . The cap of the pen is further accented with Visconti's badging along the clip and at the cap's end. The pen has a wonderful 14ct gold Visconti nib, which is medium in size. Pen is complete with a piston converter, or the converter provided can be removed and the pen will accept ink cartridges.

Visconti Opera Club fountain pen is 5.3/8 ins long capped, 5.1/8 ins long uncapped, and 6.1/2 ins long when posted. Diameter is 1/2 in at the cap band.

Pen is presented in its original presentation case with outer box.

This beautiful Visconti Club Opera fountain pen is now seeking a new home. For further details, please visit: