Saturday, 28 April 2012

Faber-Castell Progress 77G

Faber- Castell are more well known for their technical drawing instruments. In 1951 Faber-Castell took over another German pen manufacturer Osmia, who had been producing a range of fountain pens since it's foundation in 1919. In the late 50's, as ballpoint pens began to dominate the market, Faber-Castell rationalised their product range and introduced a new medium priced product called 'Progress'.

Pictured here, recently restored, is the 'Faber-Castel Progress 77 G' made in Germany circa 1961. A spiral screw piston filling fountain pen with ink view window. The majority of 77's were made with steel nibs, this the 'G' model has it's original 14ct gold nib.


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