Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vintage Fountain Pen Repair

At Hepworth Dixon we are constantly being asked "Are you able to supply parts, materials and tools for fountain pen repair". We have supplied the occasional item to long standing customers, but this practice as always been on an 'ad-hoc' basis.

As demand has increased significantly in recent months, we have decided to take the step of listing and offering a range of basic pen repair items which can be acquired directly from our website. Items have been placed in three categories; parts, materials and tools.

  • Parts - Ink sacs, pressure bars, 'J' bars, seals etc.
  • Materials - Shellac, silicone grease, French chalk, abrasive sticks, polishing paste.
  • Tools - Flushing bulb, knock-out block, Vacumatic wrench, pellet pusher, barrel and cap brushes.

Pen Restoration - Materials
Pen Restoration - Tools

Repairing and restoring your own vintage writing instrument can be highly satisfying and rewarding. It is however a project which should not be attempted on a whim, mistakes  can work out costly. Knowledge is the key. Understanding vintage pen design, materials of construction, methods of joint sealing, operating mechanisms and the various weaknesses, quirks for a given fountain pen.

Pen Restoration - Parts
There are many sources of reference available in books and on the internet, with information on the various process and techniques involved. We would highly recommend 'Pen Repair - Second Edition' by Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield. This book provides an excellent insight into general restoration techniques along with detailed procedural steps for specific pen models.

For more information and availability of pen restoration tools, materials and parts visit:

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