Saturday, 2 November 2013

Conway Stewart Limited Edition 'Churchill' Fountain Pen

Conway Stewart were one of the last major pen manufacturers in the UK to close it's doors. Demand for fountain pens worldwide had slumped during the 1960's, as the ballpoint pen became the writing instrument of choice. The original Conway Stewart Company, which had been founded in 1905, was wound-up and production ceased in 1975.

The company was revived in the 1990's with headquarters in Plymouth, UK. Sales started in 1998 although some models had been produced for special occasions before that. The company - Conway Stewart Manufacturing (UK) Limited, now manufactures for the high-end of the writing instrument market.

Conway Stewart 'Churchill' Fountain pen # 192/1000

Inspired by the great British statesman, who used Conway Stewart pens during the war years, the Churchill is in every way an impressive pen, and not least because of its size (140mm capped). This fountain pen is finished in black (the best, in my opinion). It is fitted with the modern converter cartridge filling mechanism and comes with an 18 carat solid gold medium nib.

Majestic and timeless in feel and appearance. The pen is supplied in a large exclusive Conway Stewart Churchill presentation box including a book of Churchill quotes, a Churchill cigar and a bottle of Conway Stewart ink. This particular pen is supplied cartridge convertor and was manufactured in 1998 as part of a limited edition run of 1000 pieces.

The Churchill is Conway Stewart’s long standing flagship model. Majestic and timeless in feel and appearance, the Churchill has remained a perennial favourite of those who prefer a stately, oversized writing instrument. This award winning model is available  in a choice of the traditional lever fill and screw-in converter cartridge filling mechanisms.

Available in a choice of seven modern hand-made resins, the Churchill is offered in a superb range of designs and colour finishes.

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