Thursday, 27 February 2014

Montblanc Special Edition Arturo Toscanini

Montblanc Donation (Music) Series

Technically the Donation Series is a Special Edition and not necessarily considered a true Limited Edition because not all series pieces carried individual serial numbers (some do). Montblanc donated a portion of the sale proceeds to a charity benefiting young artists.

Montblanc dedicated the sixth in their series of classical music Donation Pens in 2007 to Arturo Toscanini.

2007 Special Edition Montblanc Arturo Toscanini

The musical career of Arturo Toscanini spanned seven decades. When he died in 1957 at the age of almost 90, he had revolutionized the world of classical music and paved the way for upcoming young musicians. With this donation pen Montblanc paid tribute to the musical career of Arturo Toscanini.

The many facets of his genius are reflected in the design of this exclusive writing instrument. The black precious resin and the platinum-plated mountings with their clear lines and harmonised proportions pay tribute to Toscanini’s perfectionism. The sculpted clip is shaped like strings and string holder of a violoncello. Both barrel and cap are made from black precious resin, the cap ring is engraved with the signature of Arturo Toscanini. The nib is rhodium plated 18k gold.

This highly collectable fountain pen, complete with presentation box and Montblanc boutique stamped service/warranty booklet is available to purchase from Hepworth Dixon. Price on application.

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