Monday, 20 April 2015

Montegrappa "Tribute to Ayrton Senna" Limited Edition

Solid gold fountain pen limited to 161 pieces (#43)

Montegrappa "Ayrton Senna" Limited Edition

Ayrton Senna's philosophy of setting lofty goals, meeting the challenge and striving to be the best is what made him a legend. It was this philosophy which inspired the creation of a writing instrument which would honour this great achiever and motivator. 

The "TRIBUTE TO AYRTON SENNA" Limited Edition reflected a new turn in MONTEGRAPPA's manufacturing history for it was the first release to combine two techniques unique to Montegrappa: low relief engraving and high relief hand enhanced die cast. 

The solid gold cap and barrel are delicately adorned with low relief engraving. The engraved patterns, with strong sporting personality, reproduce a shower of the sinuous double "S" SENNA brand logos alternating with a tyre tread design. 

High relief hand enhanced die cast is used to produce the components fitted to the cap, namely a spring loaded clip reproducing the design of a F1 car in solid 18 carat gold, plus a "rain" tyre fitted to the top of the cap, also in 18 carat gold. The tyre is laser engraved with the MONTEGRAPPA trade mark. The SENNA brand logo appears on the central band as does the pen's individual serial number (43/161), the name of the circuit (MONZA) and the date of the particular race (07.09.86).

This "TRIBUTE TO AYRTON SENNA" is provided with an 18K gold medium nib chiselled with the Senna brand Logos and the laurel leaves witnessing Ayrton's victories throughout his three time F1 world champion's career. Continuing Montegrappa's old traditions, the feed is fashioned from ebonite. The fountain pen features a solid gold grip section designed to provide comfort.  

The pen is presented in a large perspex display case reproducing the design of a F1 car. It allows one to view the pen through the cover which accentuates the beautiful details of this inspired writing instrument. `this display makes a bold statement about the pen it encases as well as a magnificent desk top accessory. A cleverly befitting double-pouch to store the pen and its accessories (convertor or cartridge) manufactured in Nomex, a fire-retardent material used for the manufacture of F1 driving gloves, completes the compliment.

The "TRIBUTE TO AYRTON SENNA" Limited Edition collection consisted of:
1960 sterling silver fountain pens
1960 sterling silver rollerballs
161 solid 18K gold fountain pens
41 solid 18K gold rollerballs
These quantities have a special significance for Ayrton's friends and fans. 1960 was the year Ayrton Senna was born. 161 was the number of races in F1. 41 was the number of his victories.

This stunning fountain pen is available from It is un-used, boxed and complete with all dated paperwork

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