Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Yard-O-Led Millennium Exclusive Limited Edition Fountain Pen in Solid Silver from 2000. Limited to 366 pieces.

Since the early 19th Century, Yard-O-Led has used traditional craftsmanship and production techniques. This time honoured craftsmanship is still maintained today.

Yard-O-Led Millennium L.E. Fountain Pen.

Once every 1000 years are we privileged to celebrate a new Millennium. In celebration, Yard-O-Led handcrafted 366 exclusive solid silver fountain pens - each representing one day of the Millennium year. Inspired by late Victorian and early Edwardian periods each Millennium fountain pen reflects the elaborate styling of the times.

Yard-O-Led Millennium L.E. Fountain Pen.

A heavily fluted barrel and cap accentuate the grand style of the fountain pen. Embossed, decorative ring sections capture the trimmings of style and opulence, which are ever present in Yard-O-Led writing Instruments. The fountain pen has been stamped with a special Millennium silver hallmark as approved by the British Assay Office. This hallmark was only stamped on solid silver writing instrument for a limited time: 1999 - 2000.

Cap: Push on cap, made of heavily fluted solid sterling silver. Cap clip is riveted to cap, vertically stamped 'YARD-O-LED'. Top of clip is engraved with this pen's individual serial number '112'. Cap top has an embossed decorative ring with '2000' stamped. The flat top of pen is stamped with silver hallmarks and the special Millennium identification cross.

Barrel and Section: Heavily fluted solid sterling silver barrel, hallmark stamped in the centre with the five A.D. 2000 identification imprints. Towards the front of barrel is the same embossed decorative ring that appears at cap top, again stamped '2000'. 'MADE IN ENGLAND' is stamped on the barrel just above section. The section has a plain surface sterling silver curving profile. A lip ring between section and nib is stamped '925 STERLING'. The section unscrews from barrel to access filling system, this can be via ink cartridge or piston ink converter. Yard-O-Led ink converter included.

 Pen measures 6.3/8 ins (16.2 cms) long with the cap attached. 7.1/2 ins (19.0 cms) long with cap rear posted.  Cap top ring diameter: 0.75 ins (19.0 mm) measured over embossed cap band. 0.57 ins (14.7 mm) measured over cap top flutes. Weight: 82.6 grams.


Solid 18ct gold nib, rhodium plated with circular breather hole. Nib is stamped with intricate scrollwork and 'YARD-O-LED, 18 ct - 750, M' Nib writing tip is medium and writes an exceptionally smooth line with reasonable flex.

Handmade in England by highly skilled silversmiths. The Yard-O-Led Exclusive Limited Edition is a work of art, as well as being a fine writing instrument. See how Yard-O-Led pens and pencils are still handmade today by visiting http://www.yard-o-led.com and clicking on 'Workshop'. You will find the video of great interest.

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