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Parker Duofold International

In 1988 the Parker Centennial Duofold, made in Newhaven, England, was officially introduced to commemorate Parker's 100 year jubilee. Design of the the Centennial closely resembled the 1920's 'Big Red' which had been a significant success for Parker.

1989 Parker Duofold International Mk.1 in Marbled Maroon

In 1989 a slightly smaller version of the Centennial was launched, it was called the International. The International was available in three finishes, Black, Marbled Blue and Marbled Maroon.

Low relief clip
Double 23ct Gold Plated Bands
Available from Hepworth Dixon, a stunning example of the 1989 Parker Duofold International Fountain pen in Marbled Maroon (a finish no longer available). This pen can be dated to 1989, as one year later 1990, a new clip with higher relief was introduced.
Pen has a 18ct solid gold nib whilst clip and trim bands are heavily plated with 23ct gold.

Nib 18ct Gold - 750
Fine Ruthium Tip

Pen measures 13.5cms long
with cap attached.

17.2 cms long with cap posted

Pen is dent and scratch free, ultrasonically cleaned, fully serviced and dip write tested. Sold with original ink cartridge convertor, will also take cartridges.

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