Monday, 6 August 2012

Sheaffer Double Act

Two recently restored classic vintage fountain pens now available from Hepworth Dixon. Sheaffer PFM (Pen For Men) and Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial.

Top: Sheaffer PFM III in Burgundy
Bottom: Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial in Burgundy

Sheaffer PFM III - Snorkel Filler
The PFM was introduced in 1959 to become Sheaffer's new flagship pen. Many collectors view this large sized pen which has classical style and mechanical design excellence as one of the best post war fountain pens ever made. The PFM incorporates the Snorkel filling system which was first introduced by Sheaffer in 1952 and the Touchdown pneumatic air pressure filling system. The newest and most distinctive feature of the PFM was an inlaid gold nib, which allowed the barrel colour to show through a cutout. It was also the first Sheaffer to use a slip-on cap rather than a screw-on cap. The PFM was phased out in 1968.

Sheaffer Imperial - Touchdown Filler
The Touchdown Imperial was launched in 1961. It shares a similar shape to that of the PFM, although thinner in girth. The complex Snorkel filling system of the PFM was dropped in favour of the simpler Touchdown system. Sheaffer had introduced the Touchdown filling system in 1949. This was a unique filling system using pneumatic air pressure in the downstroke of the cylindrical plunger to compress the air sac inside barrel and fill the pen. The Imperial Touchdown was also fitted with an inlaid nib.

Touchdown Filler Extended
PFM Snorkel Filler Extended Below Inlaid Nib

Both of the above Sheaffer fountain pens are currently available to purchase. For more detailed information, visit the Hepworth Dixon website:-

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