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Classic Parker Fountain Pens. England 1950's

The Parker plant in Newhaven, England produced it's first Parker pen, the 'Victory' back in 1945 (prior to acquisition, the factory had been owned by 'The Valentine Pen Company'). For sixty five years, a wide and diverse range of models were produced. However, in 2010, Parker production ceased in the U.K., with all operations moved to Nantes in France. The Newhaven factory will be remembered for producing quality fountain pens, some of which attained iconic status.

In England during the early 1950's, Parker Newhaven was producing Parker Duofold and Parker 51 fountain pens. Fully restored and ready to write, Hepworth Dixon are currently offering two fine examples of these models for sale;  Parker 51 Aerometric with Lustraloy cap and Parker Duofold AF with gold filled trim, both pens in classic gloss black.

Top: Parker Duofold AF. Bottom: Parker 51 Aerometric

Parker 51 Hooded Nib and Section 
Parker 51 Aerometric

Parker had first introduced the '51' in the U.S with a 'Vacumatic' filling system in 1943. By 1947 they were being produced in Newhaven. In 1949, the first pen's with a brand new filling system, known as 'Aerometric' were introduced, a pressure bar acting on a 'Pli-Glass' sack, which was in turn was housed in a cylindrical stainless steel protective casing.

The '51' had a push-on, pull-off cap, secured by a superior clutch mechanism. A wide range of caps in different metals and patterns were available. Colours included; Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Burgundy, Teal, Forest Green, Cocoa and Plum. There was also an all metal version called 'Flighter' with 'Lustraloy' cap and barrel. Perhaps the most recognisable feature of the Parker 51 was it's hooded nib. It is interesting to note, that the design of '51' nib system with high capacity secondary ink collector was developed to enable the use of super-fast drying inks.

Parker 51 in Black with 'Lustraloy' Cap
Parker 51 'Aerometic' Filling System

Parker Duofold AF

The first fountain pens carrying the 'Duofold' name were introduced in 1921, these were large button fillers with distinctive flat tops, made in the U.S.A. Newhaven started producing a more rounded style  Duofold in 1946. Still a button filler with colour matching jewels to both cap and barrel. This new style Duofold was not unsurprisingly given the suffix 'NS' (New Style).

Parker Duofold AF - England 1948 to 1953
Parker Duofold AF Button Filler

In 1948 the Duofold was again re-styled. The barrel tassie ring and jewel were removed and a new style Aluminium push button filler adopted, now known as Duofold AF (Aluminium Filler).

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