Friday, 14 September 2012

Parker Duofold Lucky Curve - 1920's

Hepworth Dixon are always on the look out for quality vintage fountain pens worthy of restoration. Recently we came across a very drab looking Parker Duofold Jr. Lucky Curve button filler from the 1920's. It soon became obvious that over the past 90 years, this pen had seen very little use. No sign of sulphurisation to black hard rubber, edges of flat top and bottom milled caps crisp with a strong barrel imprint.

Parker Duofold Jr. Lucky Curve - early 1920's

Anyone who is familiar with the 'lucky curve' ink feed system  would be aware of the correct method of nib and feed removal. A previous amateurish attempt at replacing ink sac had resulted in damage to the section. By attempting to pull feeder out from front of section, ink sack connection lip was split in three places. Thankfully the 'Christmas tree' feed was undamaged. The name Lucky Curve actually comes from the patented curved design of feeder. A curved end to the feed is in contact with the inside of ink sack. Capillary action drains excess ink out of feed when not in use.  

There was nothing for it, but to manufacture a new section from old stock 1920's vulcanite bar (BHR) which we obtained some years ago from a chateaux clearance in France. Many hours of intricate lathe work later, a perfect replica section emerged. We were also able to salvage and restore the original three piece pressure bar.

As can be seen from images the gold plating has stood up well to the test of time. The very early Duofold Junior pens c.1922 were produced without a cap band. In 1923 an optional girdle (cap band) was offered, these were made in either 14k solid gold or 12k gold filled. These first gold girdles were retro fitted and didn't fit flush to barrel surface, being slightly proud. We can date this particular Duofold to c.1923 as it has the raised gold band.

Although chalk filled for the purpose of photography, the barrel imprint on this pen is very clear, as can be seen in image.

This fully restored and ready to use Parker Duofold Jr. Lucky Curve fountain pen from the 1920's is now available to purchase from Hepworth Dixon. For full details and further images, please visit our website.

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